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Through the eyes of a child:

the vital importance of effective leadership and management in early years

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Alice Lewes, Early Years Leadership Consultant

15 September 2016

My name is Hannah, and I’m 9 months old
A new phase in my life is about to unfold
My mummy’s got to return to the office you see
So she needs qualified others to look after me.

I’m off to a Day Nursery, I’m sure it will be fine
They should be able to cater for any needs of mine
As Bowlby’s theory says, 9 months is a tricky age
I’m very attached to my Mummy, I’m at that stage.

I’ve got a key person, her name is Jane
She’s level 3 qualified, and is continuing to train
So there’s no problem with her knowledge of what care I need
Therefore I’m hopeful that my brain synapses will continue to feed.

It started of so well I was happy to be here
But things have changed recently, there’s very little cheer
They are talking about the new manager who’s just got promotion
It seems that her idea of management is not everyone’s notion.

I’m not very happy, no one seems to smile
I haven’t had a cuddle for quite a while
What happened to the laughter and all of the fun?
Everyone’s looking over their shoulder, work really isn’t being done.

I haven’t got the words to let my parents know I’m sad,
The impact on my development is really very bad.
Jane had supervision yesterday and returned in a very bad mood
She just sat there scowling whilst giving me my food

Lots of staff are leaving, so there’s always someone new
I think there’s been 10 recently – it’s certainly a few
My nappy needs changing, and I’m feeling very stressed
If I were an adult you would call me depressed!

Maybe it’s my fault, perhaps I’m a nasty little baby,
It seems they don’t like any of us – all our fault maybe?
I’d better stop this crying – it only seems to annoy
I just get glared at and given another toy.

Please Mummy stop working and come and take me home
I need to feel secure in a much more comfortable zone
Or maybe the manager can reflect on how she acts
Something really isn’t working – look at all the facts.

Some leadership training or coaching is clearly what is needed
Being promoted without appropriate training has really not succeeded
The impact is really terrible – and yet it happens all the time
Just make sure you get the right coaching and training – then it should be fine!

Eyes of a child

Into the eyes of a child

Photograph by Mindy Olsen P via Unsplash

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