Managing change

The move

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Alice Lewes, Early Years Leadership Consultant

6 June 2017

For twenty-six years you’ve been my bolt hole and safe haven,
I’ve run back to you when it’s peace and quiet that I’ve craven,
You’ve witnessed my happiness, my sadness, and have felt like my friend,
Now I’m leaving you, moving on, its time for our association to end!

My life circumstances are different; I need to make the change,
Big decisions can be frightening; I know it’s going to feel very strange,
I will miss your familiarity, because you are really all I know,
But it’s time for me to move forwards, time for me to grow.

I need to move myself on; I’ve clung on to my past for far to long,
Get rid of old letters, old Valentines, it time to sing a new song,
Get rid of broken books and clutter that I kept for years and years,
Some of its meant a great deal, but it’s past, time to dry my tears.

Managing change isn’t easy; there are many more answers we need to seek,
I was reminded of this when working with 42 owners and managers this week,
They have the challenge of 30 hours of free childcare, quite a mountain to climb,
They need to offer it from September 2017, so there isn’t that much time.

Our session was very positive, we spent a while discussing and checking the facts,
The Pre School Alliance had been very helpful and given me leaflets for their packs,
We didn’t minimize the challenge, the anger, or the uncertainty that people felt,
We had a frank and meaningful discussion about all this, got it under our belt

We parked the funding rates, as this was something we could do nothing about;
There are many more opportunities and forums for us all to go and shout,
We were solution focused; the real experts were all there to have their say,
They were owners and managers, those who knew their business, and needed to find their way.

We didn’t find all the answers, but this was an opportunity for brainstorming ideas,
Some had already planned how they were tackling the challenge, so alleviated others fears,
Creative thinking time allowed different ideas to be challenged and built upon,
They left the training feeling positive – with a much clearer idea of how to go on.

Altering course is frightening; you’re throwing lots of new balls in the air,
We can feel negative about it, get angry and frustrated and think that it’s not fair,
I’m hoping that I will be happy in my new flat – despite my reluctance to move,
And I hope that all you owners and managers find a positive way forward to get you in the groove!

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