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Alice Lewes, Early Years Leadership Consultant

18 November 2016

The nights have drawn in, the weather is cold and wet,
The shops are full of Christmas things, which apparently we must get!
My thoughts are reflecting on the many events of this year,
Some have been OK, but many have been ‘OH DEAR!”

I met some fabulous leaders when attending the recent Safeguarding conference,
They inspired and ignited me – I was borne along by their influence,
Such passion and commitment was evident wherever I looked,
I am so glad I had the forethought, and had made sure I’d booked!

The keynote speakers were illuminating, their presentation skills enthralling,
Each one had a different perspective; some of their experiences were truly galling,
John, your tales of 80’s Glasgow, the murders and the disenchanted youth,
Made us sit up and think about our lives, it’s always good to be confronted with the truth.

I loved the pragmatic approach to the day – it was a useful reminder of what needs to be,
It made it more realistic; I loved listening to those whose experience was influencing me,
I attended Penny’s workshop on transitions, it really struck a chord,
Lack of knowledge in these areas is something we can ill afford.

It’s happening again next year I very glad to say,
Well done Laura Henry, you are really leading the way,
It’s in my diary – and I suggest anyone in early years needs to attend,
It’s far better to have knowledge upfront about those we need to defend.

All in all I was feeling that I was seeing influential leadership – and it was good,
Things were happening the way I thought they should,
And then I came crashing to earth with a tremendous bump…
I couldn’t believe it, America had voted for Donald Trump!!!

Donald Trump!

Donald Trump!

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