Meeting the management challenge

Going to an eye opener course hosted and presented by Alice Lewes, Meeting the Management Challenge was FANTASTIC.

I cannot emphasise enough how much confidence, encouragement, initiative, knowledge and skills I learnt from all those sessions and everyonewho also attended the course. I could see myself using all that was put forward through the course especially when it spoke about team dynamics especially identifying the skills needed to manage an effective team. PowerPoints were great, group work, talking and listening to each other helped all of us to make small changes and try new things back in our workplace.

A way forward with many many positive aspects!


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“Effective Leadership and Management” is recognised in the EYFS standards as the vital ingredient essential for effective care and education in the early years. Ofsted inspectors make their judgements on “how well practitioners and any trainees or students are monitored, coached, mentored and supported, and how under-performance is tackled the effectiveness of a programme of professional development arising from identified staff needs”.

Certain essential skills are necessary for those in a management position or those aspiring to be managers to meet those expectations. These workshops were specifically designed accordingly. All workshops run from 9.30 am – 3.00 pm (unless otherwise agreed) and hand-outs and support materials are provided.

The course reviews below are from cohorts in 2013 and 2014.

Workshop 1: Essential skills for managing people

This interactive workshop explored the principles of reflection and how being a reflective practitioner improves our ability to manage ourselves and others. The theories and principles of Emotional Intelligence are examined.

What constitutes effective communication. The ability to communicate underpins everything a manager does. This workshop will explore different ways of communicating, and the impact they have on our management skills.

Workshop 2: Sharing values and understanding quality

It is universally acknowledged that if you don’t know where you are going – you won’t get there! This workshop looks at the importance of establishing a shared vision that everyone knows and understands, and the impact this has on the ability to provide quality care for young children.

The concept of quality is examined – this means different things to different people, so a shared understanding is essential. This workshop also looks at the impact undertaking a Quality Assurance scheme can have on settings.

Workshop 3: Getting it right from the start – an examination of effective recruitment and retention

One of the most challenging aspects of the management role is ensuring, as far as possible, that they have the right people for the right job. The cost of recruiting staff much more than the cost of the advert, or agency fees, it’s the amount of time and effort it takes to do the ‘job well’.

This workshop examines ways of recruiting successfully, including a look at effective interview techniques.

Once this achieved we examine how to establish effective supervision and appraisal schemes to develop, support and retain the staff team.

Workshop 4: Moving forward together

One of the challenges reported by managers is fully understanding the important role of the Early years Practitioners, and their role is supporting this.

Effective team work is the only way to achieve this, and this workshop will look at the importance of understanding our team’s strengths and areas of development, what roles would be more suited to different skill sets and how this will impact on their motivation and performance.

In this workshop we will examine how to continuously build and support the team through assertiveness, effective communication and managing conflict in a constructive way.

Course reviews

“An exceptional learning tool for helping me to develop my management & leadership skills within my workplace, I have learnt so much and my setting has benefited hugely already!”

“I feel I have learned a great deal from Alice’s teaching, advice and support as well as from other setting’s practitioners.”

“It was very organised and lots of information, the course was covering individual needs.”

“I feel I have improved the way I manage my team since attending the course.”

“It was very helpful being able to e-mail Alice for guidance with assignments. Course was delivered in an excellent way.”

“All the Training was so useful and it was far better than I thought it was going to be.”

“I found the whole course useful, I have taken away so many ideas to help build my confidence and my understanding of managerial and how to deal with things.”

“Everything has been brilliant! Useful, practical strategies; great ideas!”

“Alice (trainer) was brilliant, she led the course at a very high standard and was very easy to understand, meeting all the objectives I came here for and it is a course I thoroughly enjoyed.”

“The whole course and individual sessions have been great and having Alice lead it has made things more enjoyable.”


“It would be really helpful to have a catch up meeting a few months afterwards to make sure we are still on track.”

“Need to meet-up and review how it has worked in practice, extra session required.”

“No improvement needed. The course was very interesting and motivational.”

“Have a meet up session in few months to review progress.”

Overall evaluation

Number of attendees who gave the course top marks (“strongly agree” or “excellent”) / Total attendees = 11

Teaching methods

Objectives met

Clear & understandable

Feedback & discussion

Well structured & organised





Facilities & venue

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