Ealing Early Years Professional Conference

This leadership and management training was designed and delivered by Alice to Early Years Professionals in Ealing in 2010.

The course was was tailored to meet the specific needs identified by Ealing’s early years service and highlighted their commitment to their EYPs and the value they place on the skills, knowledge and passion that they bring to childcare in the borough.

The purpose of the two days was to not only show Ealing EYPs how much they are valued as EYP’s in Ealing by investing in their development, but also to share the Ealing Vision with them with regards to the quality and standard of childcare in the area.

Course reviews

“The training received was an invaluable experience, informative and innovative and certainly got us all thinking. It was nice to meet other EYPs in an environment that was supportive of learning, where we all had the opportunity to share our personal experiences about leading practice.”

Patricia Stephenson, Director of World of Children

“The course surpassed all my expectations; on a personal, as well as professional level. I returned to my setting the following week, brimming with confidence and new ideas; some of which I put into place almost immediately.

The training reminded me in a memorable way, just how much I have achieved so far and how important my role is: not just to my individual setting, but to the development of Early Years provision in the Borough of Ealing in general.

Another valuable element to the course, was that we as EYPs were able to network and form links with other settings.

For us as EYPs, work life is always busy; not to mention balancing work life, home life and other commitments at the same time. As such, there is not often enough time as we would like, to be able to really reflect and to investigate skills and practice in such an in depth manner. Having the training held over two days meant that the content could be delivered at a reasonable pace and I felt as though questions were answered well during that time. An excellent feature to this training, is the follow up sessions that have been scheduled to help us further to implement some of the learning from the course into our setting.”

Chantelle Mason, Director of Just for Me Preschool

“I achieved EYP Status in July 2008. At the time it felt like a milestone and a stepping stone to further my professional and career development. It wasn’t until the formation of the Ealing EYP Professional Forum, at the beginning of the year, that for the first time the EYPs in the Borough had the opportunity to network on a regular basis and to share ideas and examples of good practice which is turn benefit the children and families we serve. The main aim of these forums is to ensure CPD of EYPs in the borough. During these meetings; the EYPs identified three areas of professional development namely leadership and management, coaching and mentoring and establishing a common vision for Ealing EYPs to work towards.

Throughout the two days we were prompted to reflect on ourselves and our practice at a deeper level; building on and extending existing strengths. We were like a family- discussing views, sharing experiences, identifying our strengths and areas of improvement.

To sum up our experience in few words; it was a momentous step towards our vision to develop a team of knowledgeable, skillful, confident and effective leaders who would lead other practitioners and inspire them to ‘enhance the quality of services provided to young children and their families in Ealing.”

Manpreet Sethi, Director of Stadium Nurseries Ltd, Perivale and Ealing Green









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