An ode to my Fitbit

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Alice Lewes, Early Years Leadership Consultant

25 March 2017

When we are working with children, I think we often underestimate the amount of time we spend on our feet. A fabulous way of tracking your ‘steps’ I find is my Fitbit.

It makes me motivated (except perhaps when is pouring with rain!) – I do try to do my 10,000 steps a day. What does surprise me is how many steps I do when I am training! I know that I never sit down, but what a GREAT bonus – I’ve achieved my goal, and it was effortless.

However, it can also be quite irritating, hence my: “Ode to my Fitbit”!

An ode to my Fitbit

My friend Louise had one – she kept saying I should give you a try
So straight to Amazon I went, and you I did buy
I was delighted that you came in colours to match all my dresses,
And that your main intention in life was to reduce my stresses!

All my life I had dreamed of the body of a size ten model
So, now with you on my arm it should be a doddle
You’re going to help me by encouraging me to move
It shouldn’t take long before I’m in the groove!

To help keep me motivated you keep awarding me badges and prizes
You’re really very flexible, and you come in different sizes
So what could go wrong? Your technology is really good
So why don’t I love you as much as I should?

I’m sitting down happily doing a bit of work
Then suddenly my arm does a great big jerk
This very annoying dancing queen wants me to do another 25
None of her business – I’m working – she wants me to skive…

It’s good to know precisely the number of my paces
You’ve motivated me to explore many different places
But please can you be kinder when I fail to achieve my goal
Don’t make me feel a failure, wanting to disappear into a hole.

You’re really very bossy – but I should be in charge you see
My life was so much simpler before this technology!
My water and calorie intake were never scrutinised
And how well I slept? Depended how long I closed my eyes!

But having been negative – I have become addicted
I love having my calorie count and weight loss predicted
My arm feels naked without you when I’m walking or at work
And I’ve even become quite fond of the dancing queen and her twerk!

Got to keep up with the steps!

Photograph by Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

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