An Ode To Nursery Managers

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Alice Lewes, Early Years Leadership Consultant

31 August 2016

The summers nearly over – Hold on to your seats
Here comes September with lots of challenges and treats.
Lots of new children and carers coming your way
Well, at least it won’t be boring – it’ll fill up your day!

The rooms will fill up – the noise level will rise
Headache pills at the ready, that’s no surprise!
Meeting new parents and carers is always a joy
Explaining the benefits of play and each individual toy.

The staff team are ready – some of them are new
Some not that experienced so you need to tell them what to do
That is always challenging – how far should you go?
You want to motivate and empower them to not make them into a foe!

So managing is easy? Oh! Really – would you like to take a turn?
Running around like a mad thing until you feel the burn
Constantly juggling your responsibilities while being your best
No wonder when you get home it’s time for a rest!

Would you change it ever? I really don’t’ think so
Contributing to children’s outcomes is what makes you up and go
And with Christmas round the corner and all the fun to be had
What other job would you do that could almost drive you mad!

So it’s take a deep breathe – remember all you have been taught
Putting it into practice – that’s a bit more fraught
Having Alice Lewes as a coach/mentor has helped me work through
All of the challenges – I’m now as good as new!

Nursery manager is the perfect job!

Early years is the perfect vocation!

Photograph by Mihail Ribkin via Stocksnap

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