Leadership training

Courses and programmes to help develop the childcare leaders of tomorrow!

My leadership and management courses, such as those listed below, can make a real difference to your career and to your team. I provide a number of tried and tested sessions that are perfect for inset days as well as a number of development programmes, such as my well-received “Meeting the management challenge” series. I can also tailor bespoke sessions and programmes to meet your needs.

Essential skills for managing people

Aim – to support potential and existing leaders in their challenging role.

Learning outcomes:

  • To have knowledge of the skills and competencies needed to carry out their role
  • Develop their leadership skills through reflection and effective communication
  • To be aware of the challenges facing them, and have strategies to support their role.
Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques

Aim – to support Potential and existing leaders to develop problem solving skills and effective ways of communicating Information.

Learning outcomes

  • To Importance of defining problems, and the impact that they can have on the setting’s performance
  • To look at different techniques for analysing problems
  • To examine and evaluate the effectiveness of different problem solving techniques
  • Meeting the challenge of making decisions.
Enhancing your team's performance through developing coaching and mentoring skills

This is a two day workshop, preferably with a month in between, to allow time to practice the skills in-between.

Objectives – day one

  • Will have knowledge of the skills and competencies needed to carry out their role when developing their staff team during supervision.
  • Develop their coaching and mentoring skills through reflecting on their own learning styles and those of others.
  • Be aware of the challenges facing them, and have strategies for support their role.

Objectives – day two

  • Will extend their knowledge in assessing their effectiveness in the coaching and mentoring role
  • Practice the skills needed.
Time Management

Aim – to identify the impact that effective time management has on a Deputy or Manager’s ability to successfully undertake their role


  • To explore and define the time challenges faces by Deputies and Managers
  • Look at how to prioritise tasks
  • Have a knowledge of time management planning tools
Sharing values and understanding quality

Aim: To enable managers to assess their own and their settings practice to assure quality.


  • Explore and define what quality looks like in a child care setting
  • Build and maintain a shared vision of quality childcare with their team
  • Have an awareness of how effective communication systems, appropriate management/leadership styles can impact on their practice
  • Know the impact quality care can have on the outcome of their Ofsted inspection and their business.
Getting it right from the start: effective recruitment and retention

Aim:To assist participants in the recruitment, development and retention of their staff team

  • To explore and define the best methods of recruiting staff and effective interview techniques.
  • To appreciate the positive impact of a thorough induction programme
  • How to establish and maintain a supervision and appraisal scheme to support and develop their staff team.
  • Be able to identify training needs, and the most suitable method for your team.
Working effectively with others – how to avoid and resolve conflict in the workplace

Aim: To look at strategies for dealing with conflict in the workplace.

  • What is conflict – defining the different interpretations and definition of conflict
  • Examine the impact that conflict has on the setting, children, parents and the business.
  • To explore conflict resolution techniques including Assertiveness Techniques and Non Violent Communication (NVC)
Confidence building and assertiveness skills for potential leaders and managers

Aim: to examine the challenges presented by the need to guide and lead your team to enable the best outcomes for children.

  • What are the challenges? Examining the different methods of communication and the outcomes they achieve.
  • To examine the impact that ineffective communication has on the confidence, ability and authority of these in a leadership position.
  • To learn and practice effective assertiveness techniques.
Bespoke workshops, courses and programmes

I have also been commissioned by several individual nurseries to run bespoke training courses for their staff team. Here is an example of a course I ran for Gwendolen House Day Nursery in Putney.

Aim: to make us all match fit for our September start!


  • To think about what we mean by leadership, and how important these skills are when managing and leading a room.
  • How to help your team to work to their strengths and therefore delegate effectively.
  • Effective communication and assertiveness techniques to help us deal with difficult situations with our teams and our parents.

Other clients include:
Evolution Pre-School – Hounslow
Harmony Day Nursery – Hammersmith
Once-upon-a-Time – Hayes
Bringing Up Baby – Wandsworth
Charing Cross Day Nursery – Hammersmith.
Cybertots – Hounslow
Maggie and Rose – Chiswick.

Other services

  • Chairing and speaking at conferences
  • Individual coaching and mentoring in the workplace
  • Consultancy for settings who require help with team work and development
  • Training and empowering Early Years Professionals
  • And more!

Find out more

I’d be delighted to meet you to find out if my assistance would be appropriate. To discuss your specific requirements or to book a session for your team’s next inset day, please do get in touch.